Probi and Viva 5 Corporation form Probiotic Business Development Alliance in North America

December 2012
Contact: Tony Corey

SUNRISE, FL (December 11, 2012)— Viva 5 Corporation, a US-based probiotic specialist, has signed a business development agreement with Probi, a leading provider of world-leading probiotics, to license and help commercialize the consumer healthcare market for Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® in North America.

Viva 5 will work with Probi to further strengthen its commercial position, as well as the presence and consumer awareness, of the Probi brand in the North American marketplace. Viva 5 and Probi have already engaged in commercial discussions with select US-based companies. The value of the US probiotic dietary supplements market is approximately USD 900 million. It is a highly fragmented market where products are sold through several sales channels. The global probiotic market has been driven by staggering growth in the United States. However, the increasing probiotic regulatory environment, along with the demand for strain-specific research and highly stable products, creates a unique opportunity for Viva 5 and Probi.

“We are very excited to team up with Probi and are equally impressed with their long history and dedication to high-quality, science-based probiotics. There is clearly a need in the North American market for clinically researched, shelf-stable probiotics and we believe the Probi strains are some of the most extensively documented and efficacious strains in the marketplace. We have received tremendous initial interest from key industry players and we expect to launch several products containing Probi probiotic strains in the North American market in 2013,” says Tony Corey, Vice President of Viva 5.

“The agreement between Probi and Viva 5 will be a significant opportunity to exploit the full potential for Probi Digestis® and Probi Defendum® in the US marketplace. Targeted commercial agreements with a range of companies, each with a strong position in their respective sales channel, is required in order to achieve this. This is where the expertise and commercial network of Viva 5 will play an important role in complementing Probi’s existing partner network. The financial structure of the agreement is transparent and will allow both companies to capture attractive returns,” says Michael Oredsson CEO of Probi.

Viva 5 is a full service partner to the dietary supplement industry with expertise in areas ranging from brand and product development to production and claim support. Viva 5 has a broad customer network ranging from big international players to mid-tier and smaller customers. Product differentiation will play a key role in the market optimisation, in thus Viva 5’s local contacts will be critical.

Probiotics have been one of the most successful dietary supplements categories in the US over the past few years. The category is expected to grow at an annual rate of 14% over the next 5 year period according to Euromonitor.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT PROBI PROBIOTICS, OR VIVA 5 CORPORATION, PLEASE CONTACT: Toney Corey, Vice President, Viva 5 Corporation Phone +1-954-331-8153. Click here to send an email.


Probi is a leading player in the probiotic research and the development of efficient and well-documented probiotics. The research areas include: gastrointestinal tracts, immune system, metabolic syndrome and stress and recovery. Probi’s customers are leading companies in the functional foods and consumer healthcare business areas. Probi is listed on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Small Cap. For more information, please visit


Viva 5 Corporation is a US and International leader in sourcing, product development, manufacturing, regulatory & marketing support for a variety of channels in the nutrition, health & beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. Viva 5 specialties include the development of innovative, proprietary and efficacious products that create incremental revenue opportunities for its distribution and retail partners worldwide.