Viva 5 Corporation and Mitsubishi Ingredients Partner on Immunobiotic Gummies

September 2015
Contact: Brian Baer

SUNRISE, FL SUNRISE, FL (May 19, 2015) — Viva 5 Corporation, a US-based probiotic specialist, is joining forces with Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, a specialty ingredients company, to develop and help commercialize the proprietary “Immuno-LP20TM” ingredient in Gummy delivery forms.

Originally isolated from a fermented traditional Asian food, Immuno-LP20TM is a speciallyprocessed Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 probiotic strain, super potentiated for its balanced immune benefits with a 5 year shelf life. It’s also referred to as an “Immunobiotic” for its clinically studied benefit to positively influence immune function and improve quality of life.

Already successfully used in conventional delivery formats, Viva 5 will work with Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients to enhance the presence and consumer awareness of the Immuno-LP20TM brand in Gummy applications in the North American marketplace.

In the U.S., the probiotic market is highly fragmented where products are sold through several sales channels. According to Euromonitor, global sales of probiotics in 2014 totaled $2.4 billion (14.4% increase from 2013), whereas the U.S. sales totaled $1.5 billion (23.8% growth over the prior year). While the global probiotic market has been driven by staggering growth in the United States over the past several years, the increasing probiotic regulatory environment, along with the demand for strain-specific research and highly stable products, creates a unique opportunity for Viva 5 and Mitsubishi Ingredients.

“We are very excited to team up with Mitsubishi Ingredients, and are equally impressed with their commitment to high quality, science-based products,” says Brian Baer, President of Viva 5. “With the growth of probiotic sales in dietary supplements, as well as Gummy delivery forms, we expect to see high demand for Immuno-LP20TM Gummy applications. We believe the Immuno-LP20TM strain is an ideal candidate for such a product in the marketplace due to its scientific support and superior stability over traditional commercial probiotic products.”

“The cooperation between Viva 5 and Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients will be a significant opportunity to further expand the awareness and commercial success of Immuno-LP20TM to Gummy delivery forms where it’s 5-year stability and balanced, non-inflammatory immunity benefit make it an ideal fit for this increasingly popular delivery form. The Immunobiotic concept is very strong in Japan and has gained significant traction internationally since the release of a 78 person common cold clinical trial last year,” says Robert Price, North American Product Manager at Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients. “We are excited to work with Viva 5 Corporation where their expertise in probiotic innovation, history of sales success, and deep commercial network will allow rapid commercialization in the growing Gummy format.”

While probiotics have been one of the most successful dietary supplement categories in the North America over the past few years, growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future as more people become aware of the digestive and immune benfits of probiotics.


Brian Baer
Viva 5 Corporation
Ph: +1-561-239-2239

Robert Price
North American Product Manager
Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients
Ph: +1-551-574-9398