Viva 5 Corporation and Robinson Pharma Sign Agreement to Partner on Probiotic Softgels

September 2015
Contact: Brian Baer

SUNRISE, FL (Sept 22, 2015) — Viva 5 Corporation, a US-based probiotic specialist, has formed a partnership with Robinson Pharma, a leading softgel manufacturing company, to help commercialize probiotic softgels worldwide. The five-year supply agreement allows Viva 5 to help commercialize a full line of probiotic softgels using Robinson Pharma’s softgel technology and manufacturing capabilities.

The probiotic softgel products will feature a unique probiotic called Bacillus Coagulans IS-2, or “Unique IS-2”, which can tolerate higher temperatures during manufacturing than traditional lactic acid bacteria, and has superior shelf life stability in finished products. As a result, the probiotic lends itself to a wider variety of delivery forms including soft gels. Having previously developed and commercialized probiotic gummies using the Unique IS-2 probiotic, Viva 5 will be now adding probiotic softgels as an additional delivery form to their probiotic portfolio.

“The partnership with Robinson Pharma represents an additional opportunity for us to work together in commercializing probiotic softgels,” says Brian Baer, President of Viva 5. “We are impressed with Robinson Pharma’s high quality softgel manufacturing process and commitment to product development. We believe the Unique IS-2 strain lends itself to a wide variety of formulations in soft gels due to its scientific support and superior stability over traditional commercial probiotic products. As a result, we expect to see high demand for probiotic softgel products.”

Viva 5 chose to partner with Robinson Pharma to take advantage of the largest softgel capacity in the United States, along with Robinson Pharma’s high quality manufacturing process and experience in working with probiotics. Robinson Pharma was the first company to create a shelf stable softgel. “We are quite excited to team up with Viva 5,” says Tuong Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer at Robinson Pharma. “With the continued high growth of probiotic sales in the industry, along with Viva 5’s proven track record to commercialize innovative products, we believe this partnership is ideal to help expand awareness and commercial success of our probiotic softgels.”


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Viva 5 Corporation
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Robinson Pharma, Inc.
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