Viva 5 Corporation Demonstrates Long-term Stability of Probiotic Gummies

February 2016
Contact: Brian Baer

Innovative Manufacturing Technology used to Stabilize Probiotics in Gummies

SUNRISE, FL (February 8, 2016) –  􀍴􀍲Viva 5 Corporation, a US-based probiotic specialist, announces they have demonstrated 18 months of real-time stability with their Bacillus coagulans probiotic gummies. Viva 5 has developed a proprietary manufacturing process which allows for the addition of the probiotic into the gummy matrix, rather than as a component of the sugar coating, allowing high recovery after manufacture and robust stability over an extended period of 18 months.

Accelerated testing further indicates probiotic stability over a 24-month period, making Viva 5 Corporation the only known manufacturer worldwide to offer an active probiotic gummy with such compelling shelf life. This highly stable probiotic can tolerate higher temperatures during manufacturing than traditional lactic acid bacteria, thereby conferring superior shelf-life stability in gummies and other finished products containing this strain.

“Probiotic stability is a big challenge in the industry and we are very pleased to see that our accelerated stability trend has been substantiated by extended real time shelf life studies,” says Brian Baer, President of Viva 5. “With the growth of probiotic sales in dietary supplements, as well as gummy delivery forms, we expect to see continued high demand for our shelf stable probiotic gummies worldwide.”

B. coagulans strain has been shown to support a healthy immune system as well as maintain healthy digestion. Due to its superior stability and durability, as well as demonstrated clinical efficacy, this strain lends itself to a wide variety of formulation opportunities. Viva 5 Corp has also offers this probiotic strain in a softgel delivery form, as well as soft chews and panned chews.

Baer continues, “Expanding delivery options for probiotics offers access to a wider group of consumers including the elderly and children, who may struggle to take products in a capsule form.”

In addition to probiotic gummies, Viva 5 has recently added Immunobiotic Gummies to their portfolio after partnering with Mitsubishi International Food Ingredients, a specialty ingredients company, to develop and help commercialize the proprietary “ImmunoLP-20™” ingredient in gummy delivery forms.

Baer adds, “We believe the ImmunoLP-20™ strain is an ideal candidate for such a product in the marketplace due to its scientific support and superior stability over traditional commercial probiotic products.”

Originally isolated from a fermented traditional Asian food, ImmunoLP-20™ is a specially-derived Lactobacillus plantarum L-137 strain, super potentiated for its balanced immune benefits with a 5 Year Shelf Life. It’s also referred to as an “Immunobiotic” for its clinically studied benefit to positively influence balanced immune function and improve quality of life.

While probiotics have been one of the most successful dietary supplement categories in North America over the past few years, growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future as more people become aware of the digestive and immune benefits of probiotics.



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