Probiotic Confections

Probiotic Gummies, Nutrient Gummies and Probiotic Confections

Consumers are driving the demand for a better, tastier ways to stay healthy, and Viva 5 delivers. We are on the forefront of changing attitudes about delivering nutrition in a variety of new innovative forms!

Probiotics, immunobiotics, nutritional and specialty ingredients are incorporated into top quality gummies, chocolates, chews and other confections for products that meet the highest expectations of your customers. We can customize formulations and include your own propriety ingredients to create a product that stands out from the crowd.

Probiotic Gummies

There are very few gummy manufacturers worldwide that are capable of producing a probiotic in gummy form, and we deliver a higher potency, shelf stable product that exceeds current offerings. We have many formulations and coatings to suit your consumer. Our probiotic gummies come in several different natural fruit flavors and natural colors, a variety of shapes, and three different finishes (oil coating, sugar coating, or sour coating).

Probiotic gummies from Viva 5 – a superior product:

  • Excellent stability: we have both accelerated and real-time stability data and can confirm up to a 2-year shelf life. We use the GRAS probiotic Bacillus Coagulans IS-2 with quality and potency confirmed through pilot and successive multi-commercial batch size productions.
  • Better process: our probiotics are infused into the gummy itself, NOT into the sugar coating.
  • This allows for better stability and ultimately a better, more consistent, gummy.
  • Higher potency: we can produce a probiotic gummy with a shelf life claim of 500M – 3 Billion CFU/gummy at time of expiration.
  • GMO-free: all gummies are GMO-free, and use natural colors and natural flavors.
  • Healthier options: “No sugar added” and “sugar free” gummy options are available.
  • NEW GREEK YOGURT gummies!
  • NEW Dual Deposit Gummies allowing for innovative combinations.
  • NEW Immunobiotic Gummy: Viva 5 is the exclusive supplier of immune-enhancing
  • gummies featuring the clinically-proven, probiotic-derived Immuno-LP20™.
  • Alternative versions: We can also supply nutrient gummies in a variety of unique formulas
  • and proprietary ingredients (fiber, multivitamins, calcium, melatonin, etc.).

Probiotic Chocolate Pieces

Chocolate candies are one of the most indulgent of treats, and now they are available as a delivery form for healthy probiotics! These little gems are made with delicious, real chocolate and provide one billion live probiotic cells per piece in a protective, chewable candy shell. Just like the familiar chocolate pieces from the store– only healthier– and packed with a unique, multiple-clinically proven five-strain probiotic blend.

Our Probiotic Chocolate Pieces offer the following benefits:

  • 24 month shelf life, and potency guaranteed until expiration
  • Microencapsulated probiotic strains, for targeted delivery and 5X greater potency
  • Five clinically-studied strains for greater efficacy
  • Free of GMOs, yeast, gluten, artificial ingredients
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity

Soft Chews—Fruit or Chocolate

Individually wrapped, these soft chews are the perfect vehicle for many different kinds of active ingredients. Fruit versions are bursting with deliciously fruity flavor; the chocolate version is just like your favorite rolled chocolate chew in a twist wrapper. They are made with all natural flavors, carry a 24 month shelf life and are free of gluten, and artificial ingredients. Sugar-free options are available! As always, third-party tested for potency and purity.

We currently offer the following active ingredients in soft chews:

  • Immuno-LP20 – A clinically-studied, cutting edge, probiotic-derived immunobiotic, proven to support key cells involved with immune system function.
  • Unique IS-2 probiotic – A clinically-studied probiotic, shown to support digestive and some metabolic and infective issues.
  • Microencapsulated probiotic strains – A clinically-studied strains, for targeted delivery and 5 times greater potency.
  • IMO, a new prebiotic fiber – Without the digestive issues common with FOS/inulin based fiber products.
  • Many other confectionary products are ideal carriers for probiotics, immunobiotics, fiber or other active ingredients. Any one of these items may be the ideal addition to your product offerings. All are third party tested for potency and purity.
  • Greek Yogurt White Chocolate Pieces – Made with real Greek yogurt probiotic strains
  • Panned Chews – Round soft chews with a crunchy candy shell, made with Immuno-LP20 or Unique IS-2 Probiotic
  • Probiotic Gums and Mints – Made with Immuno-LP20 or Unique IS-2 probiotic, and tooth friendly xylitol

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