Viva 5 Corporation is a U.S. and worldwide leader in unique and proprietary ingredients, product formulation & development, turn-key manufacturing, and regulatory & marketing support for a variety of channels in the nutrition, health & beauty, and pharmaceutical industries.

Some of our key services include:

  • Unique and proprietary ingredients & formulations.
  • Turn-key manufacturing for diverse dosage forms and packaging configurations.
  • Manufacturing cost reduction.
  • Formulation, process development and brand building.
  • Flexible run sizes from small to large.
  • Marketing support (claims, literature, website, labeling).
  • Regulatory support.
  • Distribution worldwide.

All Viva 5 production adheres to cGMPs, and has a proven track record in product development, high quality manufacture and on-time delivery. You can consider Viva 5 a strategic partner, and an extension of your company, to meet and exceed your expectations.

Viva 5 offers reliability 3_p1and convenience in processing your orders. Working with a variety of freight companies, Viva 5 can help ensure the fastest arrival of your shipments and most economical delivery. With comprehensive geographic experience in the USA and International, Viva 5 offers flexible solutions.


Viva 5 is a modern and strategic 3_p2partner in the manufacture of high quality products worldwide. Our mission is simple: quality in every step of the process. From ingredient to finished form, Viva 5 works to ensure full compliance in safety and quality to produce the best products which exceed expectations.