About Us

About Us

Variety of Services

While VIVA 5 is a market leader in both the probiotic space and nutritional gummy development, we’re also a full-service resource for innovation and groundbreaking solutions in various VMHS, Beauty and RTD formulas and delivery forms, helping meet the changing needs of today’s consumer. We’re here to help you cultivate and grow your brand.


We take care of licensing, development, and manufacturing of clinically-researched ingredients and unique delivery forms— from our fully customizable vegetarian gummies to our cutting edge, patented, ready-to-drink shaker bags—we help you develop winning nutritional products targeted to the growing market.

Quality Above All

As a full-service innovation house, VIVA 5 can create a wide array of distinctive, high-quality, condition-specific products specifically tailored for our customers’ brands. VIVA 5 capabilities allow for sustained, long-term success with leading brands across geographies and most major channels of distribution.