Uniform Sales and Use Tax

Uniform Sales and Use Tax

Thank you for becoming a partner with VIVA 5 Corporation.  In order to comply with most state and local sales tax law requirements, VIVA 5 Corporation (Seller) must have in its files a properly executed exemption certificate from all of its customers (Buyers) who claim a sales/use tax exemption.

If the Buyer is entitled to a sales tax exemption, the Buyer should complete the following certificate and email to salessupport@VIVA5corp.com. If the Buyer purchases tax free for a reason for which this form does not provide, the Buyer should send the Seller its special certificate or statement.

We welcome you to contact our Customer Service Department should you have questions or need additional assistance.

VIVA 5 Uniform Sales and Use Tax.PDF

Email: salessupport@VIVA5corp.com

Phone: 754-732-1239